Going away for 1 night or more, then we will look after your small pets in our family home. This includes rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice etc and any reptile that has a transportable tank. You will be required to provide the hutch/cage, bedding and food and we will provide any fresh fruit/veg and cuddles as required.


For some animals it is best that they stay in the comfort of their own home or maybe their tank is just too large to transport. This is where we come to your home to look after the animals. This includes cats, reptiles, fish, birds etc. We will come to your home and top up food/water, clean out tanks/litter trays, give cuddles and also bring in post and switch lights on/off, open/close curtains, so that it looks like someone is home. Visits per day will be prearranged with the owners to accommodate the pet’s needs. In some cases some owners find that their cats can get lonely and require some time to be spent with them, again this can be arranged so that we can give your pets the best care possible.


We offer a dog walking service that can be a regular weekly thing, on a “as and when” basis, depending on your work schedule or for one off occasions, such as a wedding or graduation. We only walk one dog at a time, unless there are others in the same family. (We never mix dogs from different families)


For Pet Boarding, as long as you are happy to bring your pets to us, then distance is not a problem. For pet sitting and dog walking– we are based in Southwick, near Trowbridge, Wilts. We cover Trowbridge and the surrounding area within a 5 mile radius from our home at no extra cost. Beyond this then there would be an additional charge for petrol.